Thursday, November 04, 2021

US intelligence reports possible bizarre attack attempt on a PA power station with drone in July


9/11 memorial PA 2021-9

Television station and ABC affiliate (owned by Sinclair) WJLA7 in Washington DC (Rosslyn, Arlington VA) has presented an ABCNews story and video about an apparent plot in Pennsylvania to use a drone to short out power grid infrastructure (like a large transformer). The attempt was discovered in late July 2021 and no damage resulted.

Oddly, the story is not conspicuous on the ABC News site and hard to find on Google.

Drone attacks obviously would be hard to detect and prevent.

In 2013 or 2014 there were a few attacks on power stations with hand guns or rifles, especially one near San Mateo CA and another in Arkansas.

Some writers in the past have suggested magnetic flux attacks (Popular Mechanics in 2001).

A post on this blog Aug. 30, 2018 links to a Medium article by me on EMP and extreme solar storm threats. I expect to turn more attention to the solar event threat soon in my own work.

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