Tuesday, November 02, 2021

The cleavages in society over growing inequities drive people toward critical race theory


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Bari Weiss, in her substack, offers us the essay “the miseducation of American elties”.  What’s going on in the prep schools (“Gossip Girl”) is pretty terrible, as shown by the diagrams near the end, and the fear of public ostracism for questioning a new collective, tribal ideology.

But David French offers, as a guest post, “The threat from the anti-woke right”, with the cascade of anti-CRT-teaching laws in state legislatures.  

A lot of this is happening because inequities have gotten worse,. Libertarian individualism has left far too many people behind.  But I din’t see this as race itself (although systemic racism accumulated from the past changes where people start inline).  It’s more about individual social creditworthiness and “paying your dues”. Especially by people like me who have inherited assets they could not have earned with their own personal smarts. Tim Wise weighs in, on equity n. starting place in line. But then he says, you can't improve yourself in an unwell world and you have no right to ignore the clenched fists of others in outdoor dining areas.    

McWhorter talks to Chris Williamson about "whiteness".

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