Thursday, November 11, 2021

Law and order starts to break as inequity increases and tribal people lose their bearings


NYC 2014

In NYC, the mayor elect Eric Adams, who is black, has said he will reinstate a special crimes unit, and the “woke” has threatened to riot, burn and pillage.  Well, at least one woke revolutionary, according to the New York Post.

You see Cassandra Fairbanks with an article about the LAPD warning citizens police target them and follow them home.  There was a lot of attention to a home invasion of Dorit Kemsley. 

In Kenosha, while the legal ambiguity of Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense continues (all three “victims” were white), we wonder why police have been so afraid to deal with the vengefulness of woke property destruction that teens join private militia (or vigilante "slave patrols").

Personally, I see this as a consequence of increasing inequity (DADT Book 3), but it is a lot more nuanced than critical race theory allows.  My own personal karma can be “syllogistically” calculated with reference to all this, but that’s another discussion.  If you didn’t earn it and it is taken away from you by force, you may not get it back.  But Scarlett O’Hara did.

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