Saturday, November 13, 2021

CASE Act Notes: I submit comment; Claims Office still to open Dec. 27 as far as is known now



I wanted to point out the definitive link for the CASE Act now, here. The earliest date that the Claims Board would be able to accept claims is Monday, Dec, 27, 2021. It is possible to delay that until Sat. June 25, 2022 (Monday June 27) for good cause. Claims require that a work either be registered or that an application for registration has been submitted.

There was a deadline June 12 for comments.  Here is my comment. (There is a reply deadline on Tuesday Nov., 30, 2021).

‘Please be sure that the Copyright Office does not accept automated complaints generated by "trolls" against content creators and does not entertain novel theories about what is infringing outside of accepted case law. Example of abuse: Righthaven (2008-2011).  On links and embeds honor the "server rule".’

Comment number: kvx-b4cx-vocz

It is also well to read the Wikipedia article giving criticisms.

 Picture of Copyright Office on Independence Ave. near LOC, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution. CCSA 3.0.

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