Sunday, October 24, 2021

Critical theory and the focus on power differentials


nyc 2015-11

John McWhorter talks about ‘cancel culture and wokeness” by drilling on the “critical race theory” way of thinking about things.

The only thing in moral debates that matters is resolving power differentials.

But Karlyn Borysenko has made this point.

This idea has led to criticism of western music theory and the objective precision of math and physics.

It is like religion, rather incurious. It is a “reign of terror”, calling people who disagree names like racist.  It is a quasi-religious reign to terror facilitated by social media.

He refers to a resignation of a NYTimes reporter “fired” for the embedded use of a forbidden world (Don McNeil).   

The power differential  affects the targeting of minority individuals, as with police profiling.

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