Saturday, September 18, 2021

What sins will get your YouTube channel deleted? A social media lawyer weighs in


flags at a right-wing protest

Ian Corzine today issued an important vide, “Seven Things that will Get Your Channel Deleted”. Do one of these and you're gone, not just a strike or lost video, but the whole channel. 

The video is 84 minutes (it premiered at 11 AM, while I was out filming a rally)

The first warning has to do with other people’s videos – shocking playlists.  Another would be fake subscriptions or visits. 

Another would be thumbnails that are themselves offensive

But one of his most subtle warnings is about external links in descriptions which are common.  All of my videos are called by blogs, and I always give the invoking blog post.  But if my site went away (or were considered a dangerous site) then the links would fail and the channel might be removed.  Some links YouTube especially dislikes are those about  cryptocurrency.

Corzine recommends putting external references on Google Docs. He thinks YouTube and Google don’t like channels that depend on going into the outside world to comprehend the content (which mine does, because a lot of the content is old or legacy), as this doesn’t fit its concept of “commercial viability”.

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