Monday, September 20, 2021

Tim Pool, Jack Murphy have energetic dispute about vaccines, family, childrearing and personal agency on Timcast IRL


Protest signs, DC, against J6 on 2021-9-18

On Timcast IRL on Sept 17, Tim Pool and Jack Murphy debated how parents should teach their children personal agency and integrity on vaccines.  It's gotten reactions. 

It was rather shocking.  Murphy is concerned that his teen sons must get vaccines (and maybe take a minimal risk of a mild carditis ) to play sports.  Tim claimed that the moral high ground was to play John Galt and leave the world and live separately from civilization to have maximum freedom.

I would have trouble with this.

Vaccines have not been an issue for me because (1) as an elder person there is no reasonable medical doubt that I should take them, and I have (2) I’m “used” to the idea of regular vaccines for many other things.

It’s the collective public health (important for a civilization to function) that is a problem.  We’ve covered that in detail here. It might even have been much uglier for gay men in the 1980s than it actually was, given all the possible hypothetical theories.

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