Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Texas's new social media anti-censorship law could drive platforms away from allowing small creators altogether, however unintentionally


Dallas, 2018-5

Nathan Sheard of Electronic Frontier Foundation discusses Texas’s news social media law, which at least pretends to honor some of the Santa Clara principles with notification provisions. 

However Ian Corzine recently made a video discussing Texas’s new social media law, which in its attempt to stop companies from taking down “conservative” speech has so many holes that it will tempt many social media companies (especially YouTube) to cut off amateur content creators altogether – at least if they live in Texas.

I am reminded of the “Safe Tech” Act, which would, recall, literally deny Section 230 protections to companies (maybe even Hosting companies?) which get paid by speakers to provide services.  That is, taken literally, a provision that the hosts can only be paid by a cut from what the speakers would earn.  Think about the implications of that idea. 

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