Thursday, September 16, 2021

Liberal author Naomi Wolf has problems with Twitter and YouTube censorship and banns; also Facebook expands "social harm" policy; Texas social media censorship law has holes

Hudson, Jersey City, 2015-11

Naomi Wolf apparently was sidelined by both Twitter and YouTube in June for vaccine misinformation.  

A feminist author noted for “The Beauty Myth” in 1990, her activity made Liza Featherstone question how sound her material was before, in The New Republic (June 10, 2021), except that it probably didn’t have to be that sound.  (She also authored “Give Me Liberty”:  See Nov. 3, 2008).

Now Petr Dvab of The Epoch Times reports she is joining Trump’s lawsuit “after questioning Fauci”.  Other sources report that the ET is a Trump vehicle – it’s always been a voice of oligarchical conservatives.

We’re still left with the main reason bug Tech is restricting amateurs talking about certain things on its platforms.  It’s afraid of “real harm” – we might not get vaccinated enough to stop the next variant, or we really could have a coup.  With “freedom of reach”, the genie has long been out of the bottle.

David Kleeper of ABC News reports that Facebook has banned some German accounts on a “coordinated social harm” policy which sounds like a retread of 2018. 

Dallas, near Tollway in Oak Lawn, 2018-5

 Note also: Ian Corzine discusses the shortcomings of Texas's new "social media censorship" laws.  It is very porous.  

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