Saturday, September 04, 2021

Ian Corzine lists 5 things not to do with your YouTube videos


"Equal voting rights" protest sign 

Ian Corzine talks about five things you should never do in your YouTube videos.

I’ll mention a couple of them. One is that if you enclose a clip and intend Fair Use, you must comment on the clip both before and after the clip, and even during the clip.

Another is that if your title or thumbnail suggests a certain subject you will talk about or present, then you must present it and fairly soon in the video.  Otherwise you are violating a rule about deceptive titles, descriptions, or thumbnails. 

It’s probably also true that if you present a protester expressing unacceptable claims and have to prevent a countervailing claim (like about Covid or the 2020 election) it’s desirable to put the countervailing commentary first, by splicing in a separate segment at the beginning (as with iMovie).

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