Monday, September 06, 2021

Can you copyright a hand in a card game? a chess opening?


southern Michigan, 2012-8

Someone has copyrighted a deck of cards for the game “Magic:the Gathering” which appears to me to be about karma. That is Robert Hovden, an engineering professor at the University of Michigan (story). 

Leonard French discusses the idea of copyrighting a hand or strategy for a card game or even computer game. 

Could people “copyright” card counting strategies in Las Vegas?

Or maybe could a chess opening be copyrighted?  (I really don’t think Eric Rosen can copyright the Staunton Gambit, especially before a David Pakman online tournament if David does another one.)

French discusses the fact that a list of ingredients for a recipe can’t be copyrighted, but the larger expression in a cook book (whether Betty Crocker or The Dove’s Nest) could, with photos.  A recipe might be patentable (like a coca cola formula) or a trade secret.

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