Friday, September 03, 2021

Amazon Web Services hiring a cadre to police customers for prohibited dangerous activity, as the infrastructure of the Internet becomes less neutral under demands from activists


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Cindy Harper writes for “Reclaim the Net”: “Amazon says it will delete even more websites (from its Amazon Web Services) that aren’t breaking the law” with a tagline “the days of neutral infrastructure are slipping” .

This comes from a story by Sheila Dang  on Reuters, reporting that Amazon will hire a small cadre to look for threats, ranging from radical Islam to white supremacy.

Recently it shut down a website hosted on its servers that showed a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Amazon has typically asked customers using its service to moderate content when learning of abuses.

Amazon took down Parler for supposed involvement in January 6, which Parler denies and which is in litigation now.

In a morally related matter, The Verge (Sean Hollister) reports that Godaddy cut off a website from a "Texas Right to Life" group set up for snitching, because taken literally the group's behavior does violate terms of service or acceptable use. (No, this is not something I would ever do!) 

Activists are pressuring hosts and infrastructure companies as well as social media platforms, a trend which started after Charlottesville.  One problem is that it is very difficult to define “white supremacy” outside of the obvious behaviors of the past.  Social justice activism depends on recruiting large volume of support (what it calls “anti-racism”) to get results for oppressed groups, so it might see refusal to go along with demanded participation as kind of supremacy.

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