Sunday, August 08, 2021

What if regular mandatory testing and automated contact tracing was required even for vaccinated people if public health risks get worse?


One Loudoun, VA 2021/8

Abraar Karan and Ranu S. Dhillon have a disturbing article in the Sunday Washington Post, “Vaccines are great, but testing and tracing will stamp out transmission”.

This would apply to vaccinated people, too, as we know from recent information.  It would become more necessary if a variant emerges that substantially evades vaccines for causing major symptoms.

You would need to distribute rapid tests, require people to take them (not just be vaccinated) to enter many places, and show a negative test within 72 hours on a smart phone.   Smart phone trackers could be introduced to order people into isolation for contact.

Although the article says people could be compensated, probably not adequately.  For example, if someone is isolated at home and a major appliance (heat or air conditioning) breaks they would have to be taken to a facility   They would need to be allowed to take their electronics.  At home I run websites (which will be simplified this winter), but if I had major computer failures or lost connectivity, I might not be able to continue access (although I have several laptops for that reason).   In a situation like mine, I could be expected to name backup individuals (which I don’t have now) to look after the sites if something happened (although you could say that about real illnesses with age).

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