Wednesday, August 11, 2021

What happens if bystanders or outdoor restaurant diners are accosted in public by extremist protesters?


downtown Dallas 2011

I to follow up yesterday’s post about getting “uncanceled” and to Ian Corzine’s video, with a brief discussion of the possibility of someone being confronted in public by a mob demanding others join their movement.

In Washington DC, and probably some other cities, there were incidents, in the summer of 2020, when protesters stormed into outdoor dining areas of private restaurants or bars and demanded that patrons join them.  In some cases business owners allowed it. 

There would be the risk that someone risks, that there is some kind of scuffle and that goes viral and gets the target “canceled”.  Corzine’s video doesn’t cover the idea that the demands on people sometimes now are quite extreme, as an extension of the concept of “anti-racism” or “silence is violence”.

Some incidents do end OK.  Lauren Victor offers this account in the Washington Post from September 2020.

There is a story in the New York Post about an incident at a Brooklyn eatery in April 2021. 

Protesters sometimes object to being photographed by bystanders who will not join them. 

Incident in Pittsburgh, September 2020, cell phone video.  

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