Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"OnlyFans" platform forced to ban sexually explicit content because banks won't process their transactions (policy reversed suddenly 8/25!)


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Adi Robertson discusses in The Verge the recent change in policy at “OnlyFans”, with the CEO Tim Stokely explaining that major banks are refusing to work with them if they present transactions for sex work (associated with the FOSTA law) and promotion of explicit sex.  Some nudity is still allowed.

Indeed this situation seems more closely tied to FOSTA than to political pressures over inequity. 

BNY Mellon had refused every wire transaction from the company recently. 

(Update: see comment, policy suddenly reversed). 

Pressure from large private companies over new social norms are worrisome however.  Recently Amazon banned a major book that frame sexual or gender identity (and presumably sexual orientation) as “mental illness” (BBC story).   This is a subjective and very disturbing idea.  My own first DADT book relates how in 1961 with my own expulsion, my situation as depicted as psychiatric in nature with denial that it was about homosexuality. It is important for books (and movies) dealing with history to inform as to what was believed of an incident or event, even if unacceptable today.  And normally transgenderism, at least in adults, requires medical treatment for satisfaction of the person, and so it is impossible to avoid discussion of medical and mental health aspects responsibly.  Sexual orientation and gender identity are distinct concepts and should not be conflated by content policies.  

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Bill Boushka said...

OnlyFans says it has gotten cooperation with the financial industry and reversed its planned Oct 1, 2021 ban on sexually explicit content https://www.npr.org/2021/08/25/1030949680/onlyfans-explicit-content-pornography-sex-workers-reverses-ban