Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How to get "un-canceled" after a social media catastrophe, according to Ian Corzine; the line of acceptable speech keeps shifting


Richmond protests in the rain in June 2020

Ian Corzine offers advice on how to be “un-canceled”

The example he gives at the beginning, where a girl sounds unsympathetic about Covid victims.  is not the best, maybe.

But he says that you have to be brief and contrite in your apology.  Cuomo said way too much. He does talk about Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Chris Rock with a Blackface gig.  (One time when I was working as a substitute teacher in 2007, Chris Rock was a speaker at an assembly at a school in northern Virginia on drug abuse.)  He also advises people to "press the truth", not just "tell the truth".  

He recommends two books:  Evan Nierman, “Crisis Averted: PR Strategies to Protect Your Reputation and the Bottom Line”, Advantage Media, 192 pages, 2021;  and Molly McPherson, “Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis,” 145 pages, Mandala Tree Press, 2021. 

The idea reminds me of the formation of “Reputation Defender” as a company in 2006 after scandals had become common (Dr. Phil was describing them on his daytime show in those days).

A couple of times recently I have been flamed, but the controversies died.  In one case, I simply called someone’s behavior at a city council meeting “bizarre” when he was protesting in an unusually personalized way, and someone messaged me that I was a disgrace to my university where I had graduated.  This was just wokeness.  Another time, I discussed a newspaper article on police stings of people contacting minors, and linked to a blog by someone.  The blogger had a son in prison.  The blogger objected to my commenting but the article was accurate.  The real problem was that she thought I didn’t have real skin in the game and she did; she might even have feared that the appearance of such a blog post from the general public could interfere with early release from prison. (All of this follows on the whole "To Catch a Predator" series on NBC with Chris Hansen in the 2000's.) 

I have a few brief videos of Monument Ave in Richmond before removal of the statues.  They are still up, but I suppose someone could complain it was insensitive for me to keep them up as a white person.  (I do include the statue of Arthur Ashe). People are making demands that they didn’t before and the bar has moved (Cuomo even said that about his situation_.

There were incidents in my life earlier, before the Internet, that I do regret and I cover them in my books.  One was in ninth grade, and another was when I was working as an assistant math instructor in graduate school. 

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