Thursday, August 12, 2021

How to deal with the demands of "wokeness" (interview)


Loudoun County VA school board discussing trans policy

Karlyn Borysenko offers a thorough interview with Dr. Mark Young on how to handle “wokeness” and its demands.   Young says he is "conservative" but not a "Republican". 

Young says that America might be slouching into the first phases of a “cultural revolution” even as extreme as Communist China’s Maoism of the 1960s, which punished elitism and intellectualism and required everyone to take turns being a prole.

Young says that the Left is much better at organizing people into political participation than the right, in terms of boycotts, running for local office, or raising money for candidates.  People on the intellectual right tend to feel ashamed to have to do that.  That’s why most of the punitive “cancel culture” comes from the Left.

Young wants people running for local office and making personal visits to home offices of persons in Congress. 

Here is a chat video by Karlyn with a woman being sued in Rhode Island for repeatedly asking for disclosure of the school system's curriculum from public records. There is a followup video Aug 15. 

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