Sunday, August 22, 2021

Dread of the COVID variants increases now even for the vaccinated


VHC Healing Garden, 2009

A strange article (Rossela Tercatin) in the Jerusalem Post today suggests that Israel could go into lockdown again despite heavy vaccination because of a Delta subvariant called AY3. The article was in Smart News. 

However an article Aug 9 on Healthline suggests medical authorities are not too concerned that it will behave differently from the others on vaccines.  They believe a third booster will be appropriate, however, probably sooner than eight months out, for seniors.

We are waiting for full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, possibly even Monday. Update:  Approval granted, CNN story (8/23). 

Kristen V. Brown and Rebecca Torrence write for Bloomberg that “the vaccinated are worried and science doesn’t have answers”.  Is waning protection especially from Pfizer (ironically) due to longer time since vaccination or due to increase in prevalence of Delta?  The article is correct in maintaining that activity of T-cells is not as influenced by exact match to variants.

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