Monday, August 23, 2021

Childlessness: leads single adults to compete with whole families?


San Francisco, Castro, 2018-9


Matt Lewis, a columnist with the Daily Beast, writes today, “We need more kids, but not the way the GOP’s been talking about it”,link.  There’s a tagline, “Going on about ‘naked cat ladies’ ,may rile up the base, but it’s just crude insult comedy to anyone else”.  (By the way, the Daily Beast paywall is a but cumbersome when your pw expires.) 

Frankly, some GOP politicians want the votes for parents to count more, or to deprive adults without kids of political participation.  At the far extreme, you have the idea of “great replacement”.

But on the other side, the far woke Left wants people to be forced to sign up for anti-racism initiatives before they’re allowed online at all.

There is something circular about denying people rights because they don’t “get it up” for the opposite sex.  Frankly, before Stonewall, much of anti-gay bias was based on the idea that gay men would distract “normal” men from wanting to have children merely by scoping them. That even played into how the issue of gays in the military and “don’t ask don’t tell” was perceived thirty years ago.

Yet the far Left has only intersectionality to offer: may people who don’t reproduce an oppressed group.

Childless adults were expected in the past to hang around and play backup for the family, which was part of the altruistic theory of the reason we have homosexuality.  But often (like me) they separated, became their own economic units, had lower expenses, and competed with families and could “lowball” in the workplace, sometimes expected to “work for a discount” when salaried and faced with on-call situations.

Maybe the idea is that everyone should be prepared to raise other people’s children when necessary. That has become much more realistic for gay people of this generation, since 2015 and Obergefell, than it was in mine.

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