Wednesday, August 04, 2021

British columnists: independent journalists are morally right to call out the probably guilty (and should be allowed to)


St Louis, VA 2021-7

Mallen Baker, British commentator who asks a lot of tough questions, asks tonight “Can We Hold the Guilty to Account?

He looks at several issues, including the 2020 explosion in Beirut, insect apocalypse, but most of all the lab-leak theory pinned on China.  He rehearses some of the GOP report (Books blog, August 3) and notes that the Wuhan lab had ordered some improvements to its ventilation system in July 2019, a sign it knew there were real safety problems, setting up the possibility of a leak in early September and the hiding of a database on Sept. 12.

A truthful and trusted explanation of where the pandemic came from could have consequences for policy issues in the US, especially when some citizens are expected to surrender personal agency sacrificially. That’s something that becomes a personal moral issue in wartime, and the pandemic period could be viewed as war, given the apocalyptic worst outcome that might be imagined with progressive mutations.  Indeed, the idea of “flattening the curve” in early 2020 has changed to the concern of stopping the incubation of more variants in people’s bodies, indeed a dystopian scenario. 

I’ve even imagined sci-fi ideas where there is a killer disease that starts in hair follicles, and that can be prevented by making an entire population entirely bald, destroying personal norms of sexual attractiveness.  (“The Andromeda Strain” had a touch of that; hope we don’t have an “Andromeda variant”.)

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