Sunday, August 29, 2021

Berenson's boot from Twitter, and Amazon's refusal of his booklets


ICF, I worked there in 1989

Alex Berenson has apparently been booted from Twitter.  Here is his own explanation on his Substack.   I would say there is a great deal of hyperbole in the tweet, about a theoretical interpretation of the risks.  At 78, I’d rather get the third shot at six months.  The Hill (itself a marginally conservative site) explained the banning.

But he had an important ESJ editorial in December 2020, “Covid and the New Age of Censorship; It doesn’t promote public health when media and tech companies stifle scientific debate, link 

Amazon apparently wouldn’t let him sell some booklets on vaccine advice.  Amazon has recently, as discussed before, rejected one or more books that seemed to case sexuality or gender as “mental illness” although I would add it is important to chronicle what the views were a half century ago for better or worse (the Left seems to think some things should be forgotten). 

 The large tech companies have taken on the idea that they will be held responsible for "social order" and the risks of naive users seem very real to them, so you're seeing the idea of a little bit of social credit theory mixing with community standards. 

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