Saturday, July 10, 2021

Twitter verification rules: do they favor people who work for conventional non-profits or companies than for people who speak on their own?


Nellies Protest 2021-6 DC 

Upon arising this 78th birthday morning, I noticed a thread between Twitter and Ford Fischer (“News2share”) about verification.  It does seem that Twitter is pulling back on letting everyone be verified.  Twitter wrote that “if you use a website for verification, it must be for an approved organization, not just yours”. 

Here was my answer.  “This fact has "political" significance.  With news and journalism and commentary, the "powers that be" don't like dealing with individuals who compete with whole companies, conventional non-profits and organized #activism (even "#allyship"). For what it's worth, "conservatives" seem to like the "do-it-yourself" mode of "activism" a lot more than the Left does, for whom organizing others is more critical. (Though the Right has its tribal sector too, as we know from Jan 6.)”

I talked about this on a post on the Trademark blog yesterday.

However the video above notes that if you are an individual, you must have a large publication and in news, you must have references from at least three news organizations who have used material you submitted.  That sounds reasonable.  My count right now is one (WJKA7 used some photos by me after the terror bombing in Chelsea in New York City, in September, 2016;  I happened to be near the event and took pictures of police activity and sent them to the station).

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