Friday, July 30, 2021

Treating people as more than "members of collectivities", and big Tech's fear of constructive criticism of the public health establishment


closed mural at Big Meadows, 2021-7

Some disturbing stuff (besides the Covid material).

Karlyn Borysenko talks about Dave Rubin’s (RubinReport) brief suspension from Twitter, merely for expressing an opinion critical of the prevailing narratives on vaccines.  I zipped a message to Twitter on this and also embedded Karlyn’s video.  No action taken against me. 

But social media is scared that even constructive criticism of the official line will convince some less intact people to be less willing to get vaccinated.

Now, another story, about a supposed “Democratic bill” to suspend Section 230 protections for material having to deal with coronavirus, under fear that the end result will be less compliance, again, for tribal and perhaps gullible people. 

It’s all a pretty offensive way to think.

Let’s also look an op-ed by George Will in the Washington Post, as he talks about the history of “separate but equal” leading to liberal color-blindness (now challenged by CRT), passing through a dissent in the Plessy decision.  But most remarkable is how Will nots a transition to treating people as individuals rather than as members of “collectivities”.  The latter appeals to the far Left, but also to white supremacy. Both sides on the extremes represent people who have failed to thrive as individuals (“losers”) and who need to experience life through collective identity. Dave Rubin often makes this point. 

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