Thursday, July 15, 2021

Surgeon General, White House warn social media companies about COVID vaccine misinformation


White House 2007

The US Surgeon General (Vivek Murthy) issued a (CNN) warning about vaccine misinformation.  Here is the text of the actual statement on hhs

And White House press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated the warning to social media companies. She even implied that about twelve specific accounts of Facebook were responsible for a tremendous amount of misinformation.

Here’s a problem, and it’s recursive with this blog. There are many constructive voices out there on social media challenging established wisdom on coronavirus, and WHO and CDC have reversed course on a number of points over time.  The vaccines were developed and got emergency approval in record time.  The virus seems to be unusual in some respects, and we don’t have a satisfactory explanation for its origin.  So I can imagine that you might believe you can’t vaccinate your way out of this, but then you are left with the draconian lockdowns of Australia and New Zealand. The virus is a dynamic threat, still morphing, and none of us had thought it through before 2020.

Fully vaccinated myself, I still ask these questions (echoing Bret Weinstein).  Then the problem may be, a naïve person finds one of my posts, doesn’t understand my gratuitousness, and decides not to get the shot? 

Is this something where we need to get an entire country behind a specific plan laid out by leadership, which may not be completely without hidden long term risks, as a way to stop an emergency? 

The other idea that would pose objections but not any medical risks might be massive at home testing with automated contact tracing, like what South Korea has done.  

Update:  July 16    Robby Soave of Reason weighs in. USA Today (Ella Lee) quotes Biden as saying "They're killing people" and notes that about 6% of the population apparently decides not to take vaccines because of social media misinformation. 

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