Sunday, July 18, 2021

Odysee (a "free speech" video site) in a battle with SEC over use of blockchain as "securities"


should the MTA or WMATA accept cryptocurrency? 

Jeremy Kauffmann discusses the SEC’s lawsuit against him running Odysee, which is a “free-speech” video platform popular with those who had videos taken down by YouTube.  He discusses the litigation with Alison Morrow.

SEC claims that cryptocurrency is a “security” and is regulated this way.  He says his company also distribute some other materials that the government thinks is questionable (like instructions for 3-D printing weapons).  

SEC also offered him a settlement but is not willing to tell him how to comply with the “rules”.  A trial will force this out in the opening.  

The site uses blockchain technology, but the litigation will not affect users of the site.

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