Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hyperindividualism, and the (un)willingness of people to bond out of necessity


Rafko Park, Leesburg VA 2021/7

Umair Haque offers a daily scolding of American individualism on his Eudaimonia Medium channel, and today he offers the essay “The number of close friendships that Americans have has declined over the past several decades”.    

There is a long logical catechism regarding the way people show willingness or desire to bond with others outside of their current setup (often family, but for single people, often loosely defined and predicated on upward affiliation).  I could go into that in a video.

The culture I grew up in, during the 1950s and 1960s, encouraged my looking at people through measures, like their grades in school.  Those who did not do well would wind up on the lower rungs of society and become more likely cannon fodder with the military draft (as it anteed-up during the Vietnam war).  This was certainly disadvantageous to blacks, statistically, because of the systemic racism still built into society.  But that is not really the major point, as there were so many other ways to be at a serious disadvantage.

Then, there was assortive mating, and the idea of “the best you can do.”

So what Haque describes has been going on a lot longer than since 1990.  Personally, I don't join "groups" these days and tend not to "hang out" with people unless there is some purpose beforehand. 

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