Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Founder of Wikipedia no longer trusts the website he helped create


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Freddie Sayers of The Unherd, interviews Larry Sanger, one of the original founders of Wikipedia, along with Jimmy Wales. Sanger says, “I no longer trust the website I created”. 

From 2004-2009 the website was quite committed to viewpoint neutrality.

That has drifted away to a center-left establishment version of the truth. The Internet needs to decentralize itself, he says.

I’ve seen people characterized as far right when not true.  Bret Weinstein is depicted as having distributed medical misinformation on Covid.

Wales used to say he was the guardian of “all knowledge”.

I’ve contributed two articles:  filial responsibility laws, and Trey Yingst (journalist). Yes, the editing is extremely strict.

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