Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Domain name provider told to remove site for indexing copyright infringers; more on EU Copyright Directive implementation (mixed news)

Texaco memories

Two recent developments overseas, but they could easily happen in the US.

Corynne McSherry writes (for Electronic Frontier Foundation)  that Sony Music has convinced a domain name provider (Quad9) in Germany to block a site that merely indexes other sites suspected of copyright infringement.  I’ve probably done that indirectly in some of my own blogs in the past.  The story links to a similar story in the US involving Cloudflare and music sites in 2015 (I had not heard of that case).  

The idea that a domain name registrar should consider the purpose of a domain is dangerous, and might conceivably be relevant in my own circumstances (U,S.) as I can learn in September. 

Christoph Schmon provides an update on the implementation if Article 17 in the EU Copyright Directive, here.  The Advocate Generate of the EU did not stop “required” upload filters but did issue an opinion saying that social media platforms (and hosts) should consider proactively the legality of content being posted (the idea that it may not be infringing) before blocking it.  The EU does not have a comprehensive idea of Fair Use the way the US does.  A site called “Plagiarism Today” explains ten different ways that copyright law is implemented in the EU compared to US law.


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