Sunday, July 25, 2021

CRT group in Dallas sends letter to wealthy white parents in some neighborhoods making "demands"


Along Mockingbird Lane 2018-5

Karlyn Borysenko reports on “demands” made by proponents of critical race theory in Dallas.

A letter was sent to “white” parents in Highland Park (an embedded wealthy enclave in Dallas around Preston Road and Mockingbird Lane) asking them not to encourage their kids to apply to any Ivy League schools, as a partial reparation for inherited wealth that oppressed people of color – also calling out the hypocrisy of the parents for pretending to support BLM.

When is Critical Race Theory an intellectual theory about history (like Marxism) and when does it embed mandatory activism that makes demands of people? 

Will we get to a point that (“white”??) people have to meet some of these demands before having Internet accounts, as a kind of reparation? 

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