Thursday, July 22, 2021

Conservative vlogger kicked off Paypal mysteriously; CRT educator wants "white people" to learn to feel vulnerable and "human"



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Alison Morrow interviews Ryan Cristian about Paypal’s banning him and seizing donations to his account for contact that has not been specified.

There are some possible reasons.  He has “controversial” content on the “Last American Vagabond”.  At a quick glance, it’s hard to see what is “wrong” other than questioning the accepted narrative on coronavirus vaccines and other interventions. Of course, you need to question anything like this that you find online in making your own medical decisions (and use your own medical resources).

There was mention of the possibility that he had gotten donations from suspicious sources (like Iran).  It’s a stretch, but maybe this has some connection to money laundering laws or terror watchlists.

It might be objectionable if someone who takes donations has inherited wealth (as I do).  I would never ask for donations;  I could charge subscriptions or paywall if I was in a position to, but I could not ask for donations or tips.

I also wanted to share a tweet from Mythinformed reporting a brief video quoting an “educator” who wants white children to be taught to be “human”.  It’s a rather shocking statement, to call “all” white people unempathetic to those in greater need (when that need is related to less than ideal behavior).  But it is true that “most” of the victims of police violence were behaving rather recklessly at first and that police have to make split-instant decisions.  Many of us think less of people who make bad choices without considering their level of privation in their backgrounds, but that can happen with white people growing up, too.

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