Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Conservative banned from many platforms for spawning conspiracy theories, or for just plain gratuitousness?



Minneapolis, 2019/9

Shawn Boburg has a long story in the Washington Post about what sounds like gratuitous speech, “From corporate America to conspiracy theory promotion: How a Minnesota man made a career of anonymously amplifying dark plots”.

It’s the story of Sean Turnbull, who started websites, blogs, and video channels more or less the way I did, but kept his own circumstances much more private, to say the least, and has been banned from at least seven tech companies.

I looked at his site (SGTReport) and didn’t see anything too terrible – just the usual conservative, maybe even prepper, stuff. 

But of course we know what people who believed a lot of fantasy conspiracy theories did, when captivated, especially on January 6. 

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