Friday, July 23, 2021

Cancel culture, corporate reputations, and "conflict of interest"



Ezra Klein (one of the founders of Vox and now with the New York Times) has talked a lot about cancel culture recently, which can come from both right and left.  In this transcript from April, he talks to Natalie Wynn (trans, who runs ContraPoints) and Will Wilkinson (Niskanen Center), link.  

And he talks to Coleman Hughes.

Klein believes that cancel culture is somewhat the product of companies’ fear for the bottom line, since activists (often on the Left) have convinced companies of their ability to generate boycotts or strikes or other punishments. 

It’s shocking, some companies were fooled by outright Marxism, and others may feel they could get stinged if they are associated with parties who become hypocritical or are simply publicly spoiled by unrequited privilege.  This may start to become a problem post-pandemic, after a time when money couldn’t buy you out of quarantine or forced privation of isolation.

The “conflict of interest” concerning my job and planned book back in the mid 1990s was a pre-Internet preview of concerns that would eventually morph into cancel culture.

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