Saturday, July 17, 2021

Anti-vaxxers, personal autonomy -- and how this comes across to people who have lost family members or had close calls (even with kids) with COVID


NYC 2021/6

Just a short piece today, on CNN, an op-ed by Tina Sacks, “What anti-vaxxers sound like to me”. 

She does describe her young son’s brush with what was, in hindsight, apparently MIS-C, the pediatric syndrome that once in a while results from mild or symptomless infections with SARS_CoV2. 

Then she describes the right not to take the theoretical risk of a vaccine (or an artificial idea of body sanctity) as a false right, totally ignoring the downstream consequences of your “right” to others.

Of course, one can imagine absurd extensions of this theme.  Suppose a deadly virus came along that hid only in the follicles of men’s beards.  It’s a sci-fi idea now. Suppose the only prevention was total laser epilation.  Imagine the idea of body sanctity then.  True, just a screenplay tease now.  Actually, the best masks (N95’s and their clones) don’t fit well over beards now.

Fauci said today that with the current anti-vax sentiment around (among “conservatives”) we could not have put polio or smallpox away.   And, as we pondered in the 2000’s, that idea may not be lost on international enemies.

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