Monday, July 12, 2021

Alison Morrow shows up corporate media for early medical misinformation, gets censored by YouTube and is then restored


NYC 2021-6 Pride

Alison Morrow had a video removed and she was nearly in YT “jail” for a video in which she quote clips from February 2020 from major news outlets with incorrect information about COVID, to show that big corporations get a pass.    Is this a copyright issue?  I wondered.

But due to popular outrage, YouTube restored her video.

But her discussion refers to the idea that Youtube is trying to reorient itself to companies, or entities with real commercial viability, not those who want to stir things up by doing their own journalism, well, like me.

I realize the gratuitousness of my own speech is an issue, and it seems important to my own sense of personal agency – to stay free of “organizations” and all of their identity politics.  But that’s why some (on both tribal extremes) see me as a problem.

I am planning some YT videos myself on this, but will have to upscale my production setup (finally) before doing it to make it work.

Matt Orfalea discusses his own problems with YT censorship here.

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