Monday, June 28, 2021

Twi big items: CRT theory claims black children can't learn abstract concepts (and that's racist); Right wing watch banned and then unbanned as YT stumbles on "reporting" v. "advocacy"


Wisconsin, 2019-10

Two big items.

MythinformedMke, a libertarian group in Milwaukee, tweeted a video where a (black) New York (City) K12 teacher (herself black) maintained that black people do poorly in school because they don’t understand abstract thought.  They only understand shared experiences in groups.  That is, they don’t understand personal agency.

Now I can remember when I taught remedial algebra as a graduate student, they kids didn’t understand the abstraction.  They were 100% white kids then, in the late 1960s.   

The other big item, a story in Reason, by Justin Baragona and Adam Rawnsley.  YouTube had banned a channel RWW, Right Wing Watch, because the videos it “exposed” in its reporting violated YT TOS.  YT even went back a few months to find a community guidelines strike, but withy some great effort, RWW (from People for the Americam Way) finally got it reinstated.

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