Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Why the social justice world hates seeking truth by analysis and logical reasoning

NJ Meadowlands from Amtrak, 2021-6

Freedom Pact looks at “Why students are mad at Bret Weinstein. Steve Pinker, and Neil Thin”.

The channel seems to be run by two young British men, with a libertarian outlook.

Professor Erik Kaufmann, a professor of politics at the University of London, says there is a conflict between “knowledge as truth” (what Paul Rosenfels would have called “psychologically feminine”) and “knowledge as lived experience”, which depends on how well people function as members of groups or tribes, and which favor people who can achieve power over members of groups and sometimes over many others that way.

It’s possible to watch a movie and believe a protagonist’s “lived experience” as mattering, while not insisting on its being politicized.  But sometimes this can lead to moral paradoxes, like a person wants to be “free” to enjoy fascist values implemented.

“Unfairness”, the target of social justice, often leads some people to disregard actual facts.  All of this puts modernity and ideas like individual agency at risk.

I also wanted to share some alarm at a video from Minneapolis by Andy Ngo about Antifa activists blocking a city council person in a car and forcing the person to sign documents releasing arsonists from prosecution.   

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