Thursday, June 24, 2021

News media want to negotiate with big tech on embedded links to their content (apparently)


San Francisco, 2018/9

Katharine Trendacosta and Danny O’Brien have an article back in March “An Antitrust Exemption for News Media Won’t Take Us Back to the Time Before Big Tech”. 

They are talking about a supposed “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” which would free traditional news media from anti-trust rules in negotiation with newspapers and traditional media in presenting content, presumably when embedded by users.

The bill seems to be S. 673, link here.  

This expands on the usual idea of copyright, where a link is like a term paper footnote. But for example they could limit the actual expansion on embeds.  Furthermore a user might need a subscription or registration to actually read the article, which is becoming more common.  I have argued that the traditional news industry ought to set up bundled subscriptions to make paid content more convenient (and probably lower priced) for visitors.

The article also revisits the EU Link Tax, which would serve similar ends, as well as Australia’s failed “coup”. 

It also raises questions as to, who should function as a “journalist” rather than a (street) activist?

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