Monday, June 21, 2021

More discussion of mRNA vaccines, myocarditis in young men, assessing risks as Delta virus gets more dangerous quickly; will a T-cell test come on the market?


NYC 2015-11

I keep having to move discussion of the coronavirus pandemic and public health implications (even now as we vaccinate our way out) from one blog to the next depending on space for the day.

ZDoggMD has a valuable discussion of the myocarditis issue with mRNA vaccines and young adult or teen males.

Generally, the overall risk of any heart issues is much greater if the teen or adult takes the chance of going unvaccinated and gets infected.

There is a test from a company called Adaptive Biotech of T-cell activity that would indicate that the subject has adaptive immunity to SARS_CoV2 coronaviruses (which would probably work with variants) from previous infections or exposures or other undiscovered genetic or biochemical factors.  The company says it is available for “emergency use” but not FDA approved.  Nevertheless, some young men may want to talk to their physicians before a second mRNA shot and consider if there is new information to otherwise evaluate their existing degree of cellular immunity to the virus and variants, as the science could change.

John Campbell notes that in England, about 10% of recent hospitalizations for the Delta variant did come from people fully vaccinated, and that sounds worrisome (6 minutes into June 18, 2021 video).  .

In Bradenton FL there was a sudden outbreak in a county office building where several people were infected with Delta and two died;  one vaccinated person tested positive but did not have symptoms (AP story).

So this Delta stuff seems very serious.

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