Sunday, June 27, 2021

How the "right to repair" might be won by a smart feline


Fashion Institute, Chelsea

Today, after watching and filming some of the start if the NYC Pride 2021 parade at Bryant Park in NYC (42nd and 6th Ave), and after uploading some of it in a hotel room near that location, I took another train down to Chelsea and walked over to the approximate location of Rossmann Repair.

Louis Rossmann (YouTube channel) has been a very vocal proponent of Right to Repair, especially in New York State.  Recently he went on a road trip south to look at expanding his business.

But he may be even better known for entertaining videos of his three cats, the most dominant of them being “Mr. Clinton”, who is always making his opinions know, especially about Cuomo, DiBlasio, and Covid19 lockdowns of the past.

Back in 1979 I had a tomcat adopt me in my garden apartment in Dallas.   Timmy knew the sound of my car and remembered which apartment I lived in and ran to the door when I drove home.  Apparently, he did this with several people in the neighborhood.  Once indoors he would go to the refrigerator, look up, and meow.  He could reach for door handles and understood how to open things.  If he spent the night, he would sometimes sleep at the foot of the bed, but jump on the pillow and meow (kneading it) if he needed to go out.  Mr. Clinton, the alpha male of a pride, may be the king of all house cats.  He may be a reincarnation of my Timmy because he acts just like Timmy.

I think Timmy felt like he was the boss because he could survive on his own in the wild if he had to and he knew we couldn’t.  He would bring dead birds as presents and expect me to go out and learn to hunt.

It may well turn out that Rossmann’s business plans work out because of the fame an unusually smart and aggressive cat brought him online.  Why not name and trademark a franchise after Mr. Clinton, with a trade dress showing a cat in the loaf position, ready to make demands?

As for the end of the lockdowns, I have had both Pfizer shots (back in March) so I was indoors with other people for extended periods for the first time since March 2020.  That was particularly true when I went to the Industry bar on Saturday night in Hell’s Kitchen.  I hope at my age (nearly 78) the vaccine still works.  Everyone looked well in the bar (the gay male physical fitness crowd goes there, there was no wokeness) but the problem is the new Delta variant and asymptomatic transmission.  The vaccines prevent disease from variants in people with intact cellular immunity, but won’t stop them from transmitting superficial nasal infections to others (the vaccines are “non-sterilizing”). 

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