Thursday, June 10, 2021

Federalist Society loses temper over satirical letter by Stanford law student over Jan 6, tries to interfere with student's graduation


Stanford, 2018-9

Leonard French (and his Lawful Masses video channel) explains how law school graduation works: that final exams follow, then the bar, then getting a job, while your student loans start coming due.

But a particular laws student played a prank on the Federalist Society, with a satirical letter that implied that Josh Hawley and Ken Paxton had planned to overturn the will of the public and create a coup on January 6.

A letter was sent to Stanford to halt the graduation of Nicholas Wallace, out of spite, despite the supposed libertarianism of the Federalist Society.

Neil Vigdor wrote the incident up for the New York Times.

The hold on graduation was eventually lifted, 

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