Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Delta variant may test the "vaccine solution" as a group in the UK claims that vaccine-related problems may be grossly underreported


Adams Morgan, DC, 2021/6

Zach Weissmuller reports for Reason that YouTube removed a video reporting “biohackers” attempting to develop a DIY vaccine in early 2020.  It did not turn out to be one that was suitable, but the reporting of it was certainly legitimate.  Yet it was carelessly labeled as “medical misinformation”.

We all know about YouTube and the reporting of potential drugs like Ivermectin. OK, we’re aware of the fact it is not approved (one problem is that it would require much larger doses), but any reasonable person would think more study of drugs like this in some form is needed.

There also some controversy today about material which Bret Weinstein reported in his Darkhorse Podcast Clips channel, but marked as private for now.

This concerns a “yellow card” system in the UK, which is not “transparent”, for reporting medical problems (including deaths) which might be related to vaccine but are not necessarily shown to be. The video had some rather alarming projections of risk, but this has not been corroborated anywhere eldse that I now of.  The group reporting this info is EbMC Suqare CIC with this website and this pdf document discussing its claims.

It’s also time to note that the CDC has marked the Delta variant as a “variant of concern” and has been called “covid on steroids”.   USA Today has a typical reportThere are even “delta-plus” mutations in other countries.  Young adults who feel safe from earlier 2020 exposures to COVID should definitely consider changing their minds; Complete vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna still seems to work reasonably well.

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