Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Copyright suit of Resident Evil's use of textures and designs from a professional photography book

Newport RI, 2015/8


Here is an interesting example of copyright litigation.  Campcom, author of the game “Resident Evil”, is being sued by Judy Juracek, author of the 1996 book (with CD) called “Surfaces”.

Her photographs of various surfaces and designs are used in various settings, maybe motion picture or stage backgrounds, or of course games.

DiyPhotography (John Aldred) explains the suit and has an embed of the PDF of the complaint.

IGN has a detailed article by Matt T.M. Kim.

Both Richard Hoeg and David French made videos about this litigation today.

If the only registration for the body of work is for the book (including CD), then it sounds like there could be only one infringement, and French seems to think the probably outcome would be limited to actual damages, money associated with actual licensing (the suit calls for $12 million).

You can copyright your original photo of something, not that something.  In this case, there are photos of items (like in a Newport RI home) where supposedly no one had access.

Here is Leonard French's analysis

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