Monday, June 07, 2021

China, truth about Covid, and a possible military draft, and a "burden on men"?


Fort Jackson BCT Museum

The Infographics Channel has a provocative piece, “Why a War with China will get you drafted

The video was filmed in early 2019 and presupposes a conflict between China and Taiwan starting in Oct. 2019, which did not happen.

But there have been more rounds of bluster about it. 

The video argues that a conventional war with China would result in enormous US Naval losses, and total losses could approach those of the Vietnam war.

The video argues that a fullscale war, especially if it needed to remove the CCP government, would lead to reimposition of the male-only draft.

The Supreme Court today declined to hear an appeal to overturn its 1981 ruling, Rostker v Goldberg, an appeal which had been predicated on the acceptance of women into almost all combat arms positions. The Court said it was inappropriate to take the case now since Congress is considering it. 

  Although the Taiwan issue is not necessarily as  hot as some people fear (as early in the George W Bush first administration), China is reported to have made threats surrounding the desire of the US now to talk about the evidence for a COVID lab leak, which now people talk more openly about online as tech media has backed off some censorship given recent medical evidence.

 Forbes (as noted by Tim Pool today) talks about increased US deployment in SW Oceania even now given the tension over the pandemic, which could be interpreted as something like war. 

But of course, the idea that only men (as born biologically) can be drafted contradicts many of our other values today over which the culture wars are fought.  Yet today most young adults are relatively unaware of the Selective Service, although men are supposed to have registered.  I covered all this in my DADT books. 

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