Saturday, June 19, 2021

Bret Weinstein discusses intellectual authoritarianism and COVID


Protest site in DC 2021/6 

The Triggonometry Channel quizzes professor Bret Wienstein in a 100-minute YouTube interview worth watching. Put bluntly, “Did Covid come from a lab?”

There simply is no reliable system in place to regulate dangerous technologies that could take humanity beyond the point of return.  That was true with gain-of-function research.  That will be true of climate change.  

The biggest problem is that there are too many financial and political incentives to regulate speech that challenges the establishment narrative, which has turned out to be wrong on Covid a couple of times.

Weinstein admits that there is a tremendous range of things that happen in nature with viruses. But he does believe (as in several recent papers) that there were specific changes that happened in Covid at the outbreak that are out of range for what is normally reasonable in nature.  He also believes that Covid, despite the low infection fatality rate, is unusual in the range of damage it can do to the body for a respiratory virus.

For someone in my situation, I had to wonder if the virus could create long term situations that would wipe out the “achievements” of my own life.  Not just the virus, but the behavior of an adversarial foreign power, China, which is hostile to my form of perhaps undeserved individualism.

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