Saturday, June 05, 2021

A medical journal's lesson in tribalism

Leesburg VA 2021/6

The Journal of Hospital Medicine has added to the debate over the need for anti-racism, at least in writing medical articles (as concerning coronavirus now), as with this article in April 2021 in giving contributors to the journal concrete guidelines, link.   

Also the journal published even in the Wall Street Journal today an apology for the way it used the word “tribalism” and a Twitter hashtag, as in this article. If I try to go to the original article, I indeed get an “access denied”.

The word “tribalism” might indeed be more divisive in specific professional environments, when referring to workplace teams.  But the inference is that the term is perjorative, that people who demonstrate tribal fealty and loyalty are intellectually inferior and unable to think for themselves, when they may have been raised in an environment where they are not allowed to (especially theocratic or authoritarian or Marxist environments).

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