Monday, May 10, 2021

Unscrambling the legal copyright questions in the litigation against "h3h3" (for ripping footage of a fight)


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Leonard French, on his Lawful Masses YouTube channel, provides a new video on his covering of the h3h3 Lawsuit.  (Cute observation: "h3" usually means providing an escape square for the [white] King in chess.)

The case involves the defendant’s ripping some video from a boxing fight, short in length, from an illegal copy of a video but did not involve storage of the video.  So it sounds like another possible test of “the server rule”.

There are other procedural connections as to the combinations of the suits’ defendants as if the defendants had colluded, which they did not.  There are questions as to why there was no DMCA takedown first.

A good question might be whether under the CASE Act the Copyright Claims office would take a case like this in the future (after Dec 27, 2021) and how it would view the law.

Dexerto explains the facts about the litigation in a simple article by Alex Tsiaoussidis.

There is an explanation on Techcruch of the original litigation against Ethan and Hila Klein.

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