Friday, May 28, 2021

The Blame game on political violence (and Jan. 6) keeps ordinary Americans on a collective hook


Shenandoah, north section

The Survey Center on American Life published a paper Feb. 11, 2021 showing rather shocking and ominous findings on beliefs of Americans about the elections, link here.  

One of the more disturbing findings occurs near the end of the article, where close to 30% of conservatives believe that force could be needed to preserve “American way of life”, to prevent forcedul expropriation of wealth probably.

The far Right also blames Antifa for some of the violence on January 6, which would be self-serving (Washington Post article, Philip Bump).   

Both sides seem willing to make ordinary people sacrifice for power grabs they can't afford to lose. 

All of this is dangerous to someone like me, who does not like the idea of joining tribes, picking sides, or having his own “beans” expropriated by force (if I remember the language of Adamcast’s properly).

I included Adam Crigler’s video today on no-fly-lists and government cancellations as violations of due process.

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