Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Steven Crowder is suing YouTube for arbitrary enforcement of its TOS for political purposes

Artwork at SFO airport 2018 

Steven Crowder is suing YouTube (into oblivion?) over its multiple strikes and de-platforming strikes.  He explains on his own site.  His explanation of how YouTube seems its rules arbitrarily does sound convincing. Crowder's feud with Carlos Maza in 2019 seemed to precipitate the "Voxadpocalypse" that led to demonetizations and deplatformings of independent journalists and conservative to libertarian (anti-Left) channels. 

Tim Pool analyzes the way YT interprets its own policies.  Algorithms don’t understand the difference between presentation as news or as debate, and presentation as recruitment or advocacy.  The video today explains how the censorship algorithms interfere with presenting conditionally helpful material like teaching gun safety.

Pool feels that when a company can monopolize the commons, it has become a “public service” and must honor public discourse.

Pool also looks at the belief “there is no truth but power” invading the Left. 

Update: May 19:  John Stossel does a 50-minute interview of Crowder here

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