Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Pakman says anti-Semitism forces him to self-censor his YouTube channel


Pittsburgh synagogue memorial, Nov 2018

Today, David Pakman discusses his self-censorship out of concern for triggering a barrage of anti-Semetic comments, if he covers the anti-Semitism in the US following the recent unrest in Israel, particularly Gaza, and the Hamas counterrockets against civilians.

He had tweeted his concern Monday  

The most arresting part of his video occurs when he says that domestic violence actual encourages some people (who practice Judaism) to believe they need to move to Israel for safety.  As a practical matter, that doesn’t sound safer.

What we are seeing is thuggish street attacks against individuals perceived to belong to groups or come from countries thought to be responsible for some sin, whether the pandemic or the familiar Israel-Palestine struggle over settlements and rights for Palestinians in territories.

This is creating a false impression that speakers, by talking about something online gratuitously if they have no direct skin in the game, are unnecessarily provoking others, although not really inciting anything.

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