Wednesday, May 19, 2021

FTC Knocks at manufacturers over interfering with "right to repair"


Train in Strasburg PA, 2007

Louis Rossmann talks about FTC findings on the “right to repair”, as discussed in the Washington Examiner by Christopher Hutton.

The FTC pdf link is here and is called “Nixing the Fix:A Report to Congress on Repair Restrictions”.   The first link in the article seems unrelated.

I was unaware that the new Microsoft Surface laptop is almost impossible to repair.  I haven’t really had any problems (yet) with iPhone batteries, but it would be bad for this to happen when you are on the road.

You can also watch Rossmann’s April 30 2021 interview with Steven Lehto. 

Yes, Rossmann’s fame is overshadowed by that of Mr. Clinton the Cat, who sits in his lap and talks a lot to the world, as “quality content”.  There is another video by Rossmann discussing this issue on the "Information Technology Job Market" blog on March 11, 2021.

 Update: 5/20  Rossmann has another brief video saying that Facebook accuses him of "abusive content" in giving away "secrets" about ASUS laptops (I have one from 2016) that a user can easily get for themselves. 

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